Funding the new hobby

Wow, my second post on my shiny new WordPress blog. In this post I want to talk about the financial plan for my new hobby. I promise it will not be boring! Well, I guess you will have to comment and tell me if I am able to make it something more than boring I guess. So don’t leave me hanging!

As I said in my previous post, Starting a New Hobby (Part 1), model railroqading can get expensive really quick. What is a new engineer to do for the cash to plunge headlong into his new hobby? Well a second job could be an answer, but I think the one I have is more than enough to occupy my day time hours. I chose to select a somewhat more novel approach. I plan to sell some items from my old hobbies. What were my old hobbies? Well, they are not just mine, but ones of my brother and father as well. They are both gone now and the leftovers are sitting and collecting dust, so I thought I would give them a whirl through Amazon and eBay to generate some cash to fund this new hobby.

My hobby of years ago was baseball cards. From 1981 through 1990 I was really into the hobby collecting around 10,000 of these paper masterpieces. This was back in the days of Carew, Rose, Seaver, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire, Bench and others. I have some portion displayed in 9 pocket heavy plastic sheets arranged numerically in binders.


eBay is a great place to try to sell these. Amazon also has them, but in order to sell you have to be approved as a seller of collectibles and pay a $39.99 a month fee to list your collectible items. I could never come out ahead like this. So if you know any baseball card collectors please point them my way.

The second hobby involved in this great adventure is NASCAR collectibles. Specifically the vintage kind, from the 1980s-and early 1990s. This was something my brother collected before his death in 1997. He has items of every description from hats to banners, to tote bags and car hauler replicas.

Another hobby that my dad favored was collecting National Geographic magazines. There is a huge television box, one of those heavy duty double wall corrugated kind for a twenty five or twenty seven inch diagonal set full of issues back to the 1960s. They are destined for eBay as soon as I can get to them.

My dad also collected railroad date nails. If you don’t know what this is they are little numbered nails that were hammered into railroad ties in the early part of the nineteenth century to identify when they were installed. The issue with trying to sell these is I am unsure which railroad they came from.


My dad also had a collection of commemorative truck coin banks. Using my handy Amazon Shopping App i was able to determine by scanning the UPC bar code a competitive price to sell these items too.


While it is not a hobby, there are other ways to re-purpose junk and use the resulting cash to improve and expand my model railroading hobby. About three years ago I snagged a once in a while bargain at a yard sale. It was five Lebron James bobble head dolls from his second year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I am a sports fan and heard repeated predictions he would leave the Miami heat, the team he joined after leaving the Cavaliers, so I bought these at $5 each. He did and now they are relative once more. I find them for sale now on eBay for six to seven times that price.


I also have some craft books that were part of a hobby my mother enjoyed and some of these still have a decent value. As a matter of fact i am taking one to the post office today to send to its new home.

I am sure even if i was lucky enough to sell every item in my diverse collection I will quickly and easily outstrip the cost of building my layout, but i will give it my best try to squeeze every ounce of value out as I go. I hope you will check back to see the progress!





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