Photo Challenge: New Horizon

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge prompts us to look ahead at something new we want to do.

At the first of this year I finally took the leap on a new hobby I considered for a long time. Since I was a child I have loved trains. One way to enjoy that fascination is through the hobby of model railroading. You can create a world of your own using the plethora of engines, buildings and landscape options.

Right now I just have the basics, a bench for my train to travel on along with ideas in my mind about what I want to create.


You know with all hobbies you must do research to succeed. I choose to do research in many ways, including attending train shows. Since beginning the hobby this year I have been able to attend three train shows and a couple of museums with working layouts of city scenes I would like to replicate.

056.jpgWith winter time descending upon my home in the mountains of Virginia I know I will have time to explore the new horizons of my layout.


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