Someday – Railroad Bliss

I don’t know why but for some reason when I saw this I heard Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in my mind. But Someday is the word for today, so not really the thing.

jg When I think of someday of course I am no different than anyone else delving into the innumerable possibilities of the future. Such things as someday soon I want to sign with an agent and publisher to publish my first book. Someday I want to go on an Alaskan Cruise (hopefully this year). Someday I want to enjoy being a grandparent (hopefully in 5-10 years).

But the someday I want to cover here is relating solely to the future of my newfound hobby, which is model railroading. I grew up in hearing distance from a train track, the one for Norfolk Southern. Unlike my wife, who lived just beside the track I developed a great love for the railroad.

When I began my effort to learn about the hobby I immediately sought out all the resources I could. One great resource is YouTube, where many other hobbyist have stockpiled plenty of How To videos on everything you need to know to make your layout top notch. I have quite a bit of accumulated knowledge of the basics of carpentry, electrical wiring and other pertinent skills, but putting them all to good use is something this hobby requires.

Some of my Someday goals are hills, towns, rail yards, trestles and city scenes. By visiting museums as well as train shows I have collected photos of other’s creations to use as patterns for my own.

These photos came from my first train show visit to Asheville, North Carolina. Since then I have enjoyed visits to two museums and two other train shows where I have captured more visual ideas that will aid me in the development of my own set up. I would love to hear from any train aficionados about their experiences in this hobby. One can never have too many connections.




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