Train Show Photos – Landscapes – Asheville Train Show – March 2016

I hopped into this hobby around my birthday in January of 2016. With very little knowledge I had to find a way to learn about the dos and don’ts. In my experience a great place to pull in some knowledge is somewhere other experienced hobbyists gather. When I pecked around on my computer I found a train show in Asheville, North Carolina which was close enough to fit my need.


My overall layout plan is still so fluid I almost need a basin to contain it. That is right now, which is July of 2017. I want a more permanent look to my train room so I am trying to clear out the space so I can turn my tables and put sheet rock on the bare concrete. You really don’t need to know that I suppose, but one of the reasons I include this photo is that I want tunnels. Lots of tunnels and every photo I can take gives me more info on how I can build them.


There is any number of scenes you can add to your layout. While I have not considered a graveyard with a funeral procession it is an idea.








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