When I celebrated by second year in the 50 year old club I finally decided it was time to take up the hobby I had yearned for since I saw a fantastic layout in the basement of my Grandfather’s neighbor in about 1980. It was a very large model train arrangement with multiple trains, tracks, switches and buildings.

Beginning last January I began buying the pieces to make my own layout. I used some re-purposed wood to fabricate the tables to support the track and got to know the ins and outs of eBay to begin selling off some old hobby items to finance the new one. So far I have made some pretty nice progress with this, but most of my work is done during bad weather days when the multitude of outside projects are on hold.

The name Alpine & Clinchport Railroad pulls in the name I have given to our three acre plot in Virginia, Alpine Acres and the name of the town my mother grew up in, Clinchport, Virginia, where my love of trains was established. My overarching plan is to try to model part of the train culture in Clinchport as I complete my layout. Welcome to the blog and let me know if you are a train lover too.


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